The Awakening

  The Awakening and Selected Short StoriesThe Awakening andSelected Short Storiesby Kate Chopin1The Awakening and Selected Short StoriesTHE AWAKENINGIA green and yellow parrot, which hung in a cage
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  The Awakening and Selected Short StoriesThe Awakening andSelected Short Storiesby Kate Chopin1The Awakening and Selected Short StoriesTHE AWAKENINGIA green and yellow parrot, which hung in a cage outside the door, keptrepeating over and over:5yL今日教育资源网
  "Allez vous-en!Allez vous-en! Sapristi! That's all right!"He could speak a little Spanish, and also a language which nobodyunderstood, unless it was the mocking-bird that hung on the other side ofthe door, whistling his fluty notes out upon the breeze with maddeningpersistence.5yL今日教育资源网
  Mr.Pontellier,unabletoread hisnewspaper with any degreeofcomfort, arose with an expression and an exclamation of disgust.5yL今日教育资源网
  He walked down the gallery and across the narrow "bridges" whichconnected the Lebrun cottages one with the other. He had been seatedbefore the door of the main house. The parrot and the mockingbird werethe propertyof Madame Lebrun, and theyhad the right to make all thenoisethey wished. Mr.Pontellierhad the privilege of quitting theirsociety when they ceased to be entertaining.5yL今日教育资源网
  He stopped before the door of his own cottage, which was the fourthone from the main building and next to the last. Seating himself in awicker rocker which was there, he once more applied himself to the taskof reading the newspaper. The day was Sunday; the paper was a day old.5yL今日教育资源网
  The Sunday papers had not yet reached Grand Isle.He was alreadyacquainted with the market reports, and he glanced restlessly over theeditorials and bits of news which he had not had time to read beforequitting New Orleans the day before.5yL今日教育资源网
  Mr. Pontellier wore eye-glasses.He was a man of forty, of mediumheight and rather slender build; he stooped a little. His hair was brownandstraight, partedon one side. Hisbeardwasneatly and closelytrimmed.5yL今日教育资源网
  Once in a while he withdrew his glance from the newspaperandlooked about him.There was more noise than ever over at the house.5yL今日教育资源网
  2The Awakening and Selected Short StoriesThe mainbuildingwas called "the house,"todistinguish itfrom thecottages. The chattering and whistling birds were still at it. Two younggirls, the Farival twins, were playing a duet from "Zampa" upon the piano.5yL今日教育资源网
  Madame Lebrun was bustling in and out, giving orders in a high key to ayard-boy whenever she got inside the house, and directions in an equallyhigh voice to a dining-room servant whenever she got outside. She was afresh,pretty woman,clad alwaysinwhitewith elbow sleeves.Herstarched skirts crinkled as she came and went. Farther down, before oneof the cottages, a lady in black was walking demurely up and down, tellingher beads. Agood many persons of the pension had gone over to theCheniere Caminada in Beaudelet's lugger to hear mass. Some youngpeople were out under the wateroaks playing croquet. Mr. Pontellier'stwo children were there sturdy little fellows of four and five. A quadroonnurse followed them about with a faraway, meditative air.5yL今日教育资源网
  Mr. Pontellier finally lit a cigar and began to smoke, letting the paperdrag idly from his hand. He fixed his gaze upon a white sunshade thatwas advancing at snail's pace from the beach. He could see it plainlybetweenthe gaunt trunksofthe water-oaks and acrossthestretch ofyellow camomile.The gulf looked far away, melting hazily into the blueof the horizon.The sunshade continued to approach slowly. Beneathits pink-lined shelter were his wife, Mrs. Pontellier, and young RobertLebrun.When they reached the cottage, the two seated themselves withsome appearance of fatigue upon the upper step of the porch, facing eachother, each leaning against a supporting post.5yL今日教育资源网
  "What folly! to bathe at such an hour in such heat!" exclaimed Mr.5yL今日教育资源网
  Pontellier. He himself had taken a plunge at daylight.That was whythe morning seemed long to him.5yL今日教育资源网
  "You are burnt beyond recognition," he added, looking at his wife asone looks at a valuable piece of personal property which has sufferedsomedamage.She held up her hands,strong,shapelyhands,andsurveyed them critically, drawing up her fawn sleeves above the wrists.5yL今日教育资源网
  Looking at themreminded her of her rings, which she had given to herhusband before leaving for the beach.She silentlyreached out to him,and he, understanding, took the rings from his vest pocket and dropped3The Awakening and Selected Short Storiesthem intoher open palm. Sheslipped themuponherfingers;thenclasping her knees, she looked across at Robert and began to laugh.Therings sparkled upon her fingers.He sent back an answering smile.5yL今日教育资源网
  "What is it?" asked Pontellier, looking lazily and amused from one tothe other. It was some utternonsense; some adventureout therein thewater, and they both tried to relate it at once. It did not seem half soamusing when told.They realized this, and so did Mr.Pontellier. Heyawned and stretched himself. Then he got up, saying he had half a mindto go over to Klein's hotel and play a game of billiards.


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