"O little ones, ye cannot know The power wi
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  "O little ones, ye cannot know The power with which ye plead,Nor why, as on through life we go, The little child doth lead."1THE BIRDS' CHRISTMAS CAROLI. A LITTLE SNOW BIRD.HJv今日教育资源网
  It was very early Christmas morning, and in the stillness of the dawn,with the soft snow falling on the housetops, a little child was born in theBird household. They had intended to name the baby Lucy, if it were a girl;but they hadn't expected her on Christmas morning, and a real Christmasbaby was not to be lightly named--the whole family agreed in that. Theywere consulting about it in the nursery. Mr. Bird said that he had assistedin naming the three boys, and that he should leave this matter entirely toMrs. Bird; Donald wanted the child called "Maud," after a pretty littlecurly-haired girl who sat next him in school; Paul chose "Luella," forLuella was the nurse who had been with him during his whole babyhood,up to the time of his first trousers, and the name suggested all sorts ofcomfortable things. Uncle Jack said that the first girl should always benamed for her mother, no matter how hideous the name happened to be.HJv今日教育资源网
  Grandma said that she would prefer not to take any part in the discussion,andeverybodysuddenly rememberedthatMrs.Bird hadthoughtofnamingthebabyLucy,forGrandmaherself; and, whileitwouldbeindelicate for her to favor that name, it would be against human nature forher to suggest any other, under the circumstances. Hugh, the "hithertobaby," if that is a possible term, sat in one corner and said nothing, but felt,in some mysterious way, that his nose was out of joint; for there was anewer baby now, a possibility he had never taken into consideration; andthe "first girl," too, a still higher development of treason, which made himactually green with jealousy. But it was too profound a subject to besettled then and there, on the spot; besides, Mama had not been asked, andeverybody felt it rather absurd, after all, to forestall a decree that wascertain to be absolutely wise, just and perfect. The reason that the subjecthad been brought up at all so early in the day lay in the fact that Mrs. Birdnever allowed her babies to go over night unnamed. She was a person ofso great decision of character that she would have blushed at such a thing;she said that to let blessed babies go dangling and dawdling about withoutnames, for months and months, was enough to ruin them for life. She also2THE BIRDS' CHRISTMAS CAROLsaid that if one could not make up one's mind in twenty-four hours it was asign that--but I will not repeat the rest, as it might prejudice you againstthemostcharming womanin theworld.SoDonald took his newvelocipede and went out to ride up and down the stone pavement andnotch the shins of innocent people as they passed by, while Paul spun hismusical top on the front steps. But Hugh refused to leave the scene ofaction. He seated himself on the top stair in the hall, banged his headagainst the railing a few times, just by way of uncorking the vials of hiswrath, and then subsided into gloomy silence, waiting to declare war ifmore "first girl babies" were thrust upon a family already surfeited withthat unnecessary article. Meanwhile dear Mrs. Bird lay in her room, weak,but safe and happy with her sweet girl baby by her side and the heaven ofmotherhood opening before her. Nursewas making gruel in thekitchen,and the roomwas dimand quiet. There was a cheerful open fire in thegrate, but though the shutters were closed, the side windows that lookedout on the Church of our Saviour, next door, were wide open. Suddenly asound of music poured out into the bright air and drifted into the chamber.HJv今日教育资源网
  It was the boy-choir singing Christmas anthems. Higher and higher rosethe clear, fresh voices, full of hope and cheer, as children's voices alwaysare. Fuller and fuller grew the burst of melody as one glad strain fell uponanother in joyful harmony:HJv今日教育资源网
  "Carol, brothers, carol, Carol joyfully, Carol the good tidings, Carolmerrily! And pray a gladsome Christmas For all your fellow-men; Carol,brothers, carol, Christmas Day again."One verse followed another always with the same glad refrain:HJv今日教育资源网
  "And pray a gladsome Christmas For all your fellow-men: Carol,brothers, carol, Christmas Day again."Mrs. Bird thought, as the music floated in upon her gentle sleep, thatshe had slipped into heaven with her new baby, and that the angels werebidding them welcome. But the tiny bundle by her side stirred a little, andthough it was scarcely more than the ruffling of a feather, she awoke; forthe mother-ear is so close to the heart that it can hear the faintest whisperof a child. She opened her eyes and drew the baby closer. It looked like arose dipped in milk, she thought, this pink and white blossom of girlhood,3THE BIRDS' CHRISTMAS CAROLor like a pink cherub, with its halo of pale yellow hair, finer than floss silk.


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