The Call of the Wild

  The Garden PartyThe Garden PartyBy Katherine Mansfield1The Garden Party1. AT THE BAY.
  Chapter 1.I.
  Very early morning.The sun was not yet risen, and the whole ofCrescent Bay was hidden und
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  The Garden PartyThe Garden PartyBy Katherine Mansfield1The Garden Party1. AT THE BAY.6iT今日教育资源网
  Chapter 1.I.6iT今日教育资源网
  Very early morning.The sun was not yet risen, and the whole ofCrescent Bay was hidden under a white sea-mist.The big bush-coveredhills at the back were smothered.You could not see where they endedand the paddocks and bungalows began. The sandy road was gone andthe paddocks and bungalows the other side of it; there were no whitedunes covered with reddish grass beyond them; there was nothing to markwhich was beach and where was the sea.A heavy dew had fallen.Thegrass was blue. Big drops hung on the bushes and just did not fall; thesilvery, fluffy toi-toi was limp on its long stalks, and all the marigolds andthe pinks in the bungalow gardens were bowed to the earth with wetness.6iT今日教育资源网
  Drenched were the cold fuchsias, round pearls of dew lay on the flatnasturtium leaves. It looked as though the sea had beaten up softly in thedarkness, as though one immense wave had come rippling, rippling--howfar?Perhaps if you had waked up in the middle of the night you mighthave seen a big fish flicking in at the window and gone again...6iT今日教育资源网
  Ah-Aah! sounded the sleepy sea. And from the bush there came thesound oflittlestreams flowing,quickly,lightly,slipping between thesmooth stones, gushing into ferny basins and out again; and there was thesplashing of big drops on large leaves, and something else--what was it?--a faint stirring and shaking, the snapping of a twig and then such silencethat it seemed some one was listening.6iT今日教育资源网
  Round the corner of Crescent Bay, between the piled-up masses ofbroken rock, aflockofsheepcamepattering.They werehuddledtogether,asmall, tossing, woolly mass, and theirthin,stick-like legstrotted along quickly as if the cold and the quiet had frightened them.6iT今日教育资源网
  Behind them an old sheep-dog, his soaking paws covered with sand, ranalong with hisnosetotheground,but carelessly, as ifthinking ofsomething else.And then in the rocky gateway the shepherd himselfappeared.He was a lean, upright old man, in a frieze coat that was2The Garden Partycovered with a web of tiny drops, velvet trousers tied under the knee, anda wide-awake with a folded blue handkerchief round the brim. One handwas crammed into his belt, the other grasped a beautifully smooth yellowstick.And as he walked, taking his time, he kept up a very soft lightwhistling, an airy, far-away fluting that sounded mournful and tender.6iT今日教育资源网
  The old dog cut an ancient caper or two and then drew up sharp, ashamedof his levity, and walked a few dignifiedpaces by his master's side.6iT今日教育资源网
  The sheep ran forward in little pattering rushes; they began to bleat, andghostly flocksand herdsanswered themfromunderthe sea. "Baa!6iT今日教育资源网
  Baaa!"For a time they seemed to be always on the same piece of ground.6iT今日教育资源网
  There ahead was stretched the sandy road with shallow puddles; the samesoaking bushes showed on either side and the same shadowy palings.6iT今日教育资源网
  Then something immense came into view; an enormous shock- hairedgiant with his arms stretched out. It was the big gum-tree outside Mrs.6iT今日教育资源网
  Stubbs' shop, and as they passed by there was a strong whiff of eucalyptus.6iT今日教育资源网
  And now big spots of light gleamed in the mist.The shepherd stoppedwhistling; he rubbed his red nose and wet beard on his wet sleeve and,screwing up his eyes, glanced in the direction of the sea. The sun wasrising.It wasmarvelloushowquicklythe mist thinned,sped away,dissolved from the shallow plain, rolled up from the bush and was gone asif in a hurryto escape; big twists and curls jostled and shouldered eachother as the silvery beams broadened.The far-away sky--a bright, pureblue--was reflected in the puddles, and the drops, swimming along thetelegraph poles, flashed into points of light.Now the leaping, glitteringsea was so bright it made one's eyes ache to look at it. The shepherddrew a pipe, the bowl as small as an acorn, out of his breast pocket,fumbled for a chunk of speckled tobacco, pared off a few shavings andstuffed the bowl. He was a grave, fine-looking old man. As he lit upand the blue smoke wreathed his head, the dog, watching, looked proud ofhim.6iT今日教育资源网
  "Baa!Baaa!"The sheep spread out into a fan.They were justclear of the summer colony before the first sleeper turned over and lifted adrowsy head; their cry sounded in the dreams of little children...who liftedtheir arms to drag down, to cuddle the darling little woolly lambs of sleep.6iT今日教育资源网
  3The Garden PartyThen the first inhabitant appeared; it was the Burnells' cat Florrie, sittingon the gatepost, far too early as usual, looking for their milk- girl.Whenshe saw the old sheep-dog she sprang up quickly, arched her back, drew inhertabby head, and seemed togive alittlefastidious shiver. "Ugh!6iT今日教育资源网
  What a coarse, revolting creature!" said Florrie. But the old sheep-dog,not looking up, waggled past, flinging out his legs from side to side.


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