The Faith of Men

  The Faith of MenThe Faith of MenBy Jack London1The Faith of MenA RELIC OF THE PLIOCENEI wash my hands of him at the start. I cannot father his tales, nor willI be responsible for them. I make thes
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  The Faith of MenThe Faith of MenBy Jack London1The Faith of MenA RELIC OF THE PLIOCENEI wash my hands of him at the start. I cannot father his tales, nor willI be responsible for them. I make these preliminary reservations, observe,as a guard upon my own integrity. I possess a certain definite position ina small way,also a wife; and for the good name of the communitythathonours my existence with its approval, and for the sake of her posterityand mine, I cannot take the chances I once did, nor foster probabilitieswith the careless improvidence of youth.So, I repeat, I wash my handsof him, this Nimrod, this mighty hunter, this homely, blue-eyed, freckle-faced Thomas Stevens.smw今日教育资源网
  Having beenhonesttomyself, and towhatever prospective olivebranches mywife may be pleased to tender me,I can nowafford to begenerous.I shall not criticize the tales told me by Thomas Stevens, and,further, I shall withhold my judgment. If it be asked why, I can only addthatjudgment Ihavenone.LonghaveIpondered, weighed, andbalanced, but never have my conclusions been twice the same--forsooth!smw今日教育资源网
  because Thomas Stevens is a greater man than I.If he have told truths,well and good; if untruths, still well and good. For who can prove? orwho disprove? I eliminate myself fromthe proposition, while those oflittle faith may do as I have done--go find the same Thomas Stevens, anddiscuss to his face the various matters which, if fortune serve, I shall relate.smw今日教育资源网
  As to where he may be found?The directions are simple:anywherebetween 53 north latitude and the Pole, on the one hand; and, on the other,the likeliest hunting grounds that lie between the east coast of Siberia andfarthermost Labrador.That he is there, somewhere, within that clearlydefined territory, Ipledge theword ofan honourableman whoseexpectations entail straight speaking and right living.smw今日教育资源网
  Thomas Stevens may have toyed prodigiously with truth, but when wefirst met (it were well to mark this point), he wandered into my campwhen I thought myself a thousand miles beyond the outermost post of2The Faith of Mencivilization. At the sight of his human face, the first in weary months, Icould have sprung forward and folded him in my arms (and I am not byany means a demonstrative man); but to him his visit seemed the mostcasual thing underthe sun.Hejust strolledinto thelight of mycamp,passed the time of day after the custom of men on beaten trails, threw mysnowshoes the one way and a couple of dogs the other, and so made roomfor himself by the fire. Said he'd just dropped in to borrow a pinch of sodaand to see if I had any decent tobacco.He plucked forth an ancient pipe,loaded it with painstaking care, and, without as much as by your leave,whacked half the tobacco of my pouch into his. Yes, the stuff was fairlygood. He sighed with the contentment of the just, and literally absorbedthe smoke from the crisping yellow flakes, and it did my smoker's heartgood to behold him.smw今日教育资源网
  Hunter?Trapper? Prospector? Heshrugged his shouldersNo;just sort of knocking round a bit. Had come up from the Great Slavesome time since, and was thinking of trapsing over into the Yukon country.smw今日教育资源网
  The factor of Koshim had spoken about the discoveries on the Klondike,and he was of a mind to run over for a peep.I noticed that he spoke ofthe Klondike in the archaic vernacular, calling it the Reindeer River--aconceited custom that the Old Timers employ against the CHECHAQUASand all tenderfeet in general. But he did it so naively and as such a matterof course, that there was no sting, and I forgave him. He also had it inview, he said, before he crossed the divide into the Yukon, to make a littlerun up Fort o' Good Hope way.smw今日教育资源网
  Now Fort o' Good Hope is a far journey to the north, over and beyondthe Circle, in a place where the feet of few men have trod; and when anondescriptragamuffincomesin outof thenight, fromnowhere inparticular, to sit by one's fire and discourse on such in terms of "trapsing"and "a little run," it is fair time to rouse up and shake off the dream.smw今日教育资源网
  Wherefore Ilookedabout me; sawthefly and,underneath, thepineboughs spread for the sleeping furs; saw the grub sacks, the camera, thefrosty breaths of the dogs circling on the edge of the light; and, above, agreat streamer of the aurora, bridging the zenith from south-east to north-3The Faith of Menwest. I shivered.There is a magic in the Northland night, that steals inon one like fevers from malarial marshes.You are clutched and downedbefore you are aware. Then I looked to the snowshoes, lying prone andcrossed where he had flung them.Also I had an eye to my tobacco pouch.smw今日教育资源网
  Half, at least, of its goodly store had vamosed. That settled it. Fancy hadnot tricked me after all.smw今日教育资源网
  Crazed with suffering, I thought, looking steadfastly at the man-- oneof those wild stampeders, strayed far from his bearings and wandering likea lost soul through great vastnesses and unknown deeps.Oh, well, let hismoods slip on, until, mayhap, he gathers his tangled wits together.Whoknows?--themeresoundofa fellow-creature's voicemaybringallstraight again.


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